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Our aim is to understand and meet requirements of our customers, provide flexible and creative turn-key solutions, ensuring highest possible return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

With commitment to total customer satisfaction Insar provides preliminary layout studies, detailed engineering and offers operator friendly and innovative end of line solutions.

About us


Layout engineering

Solutions are prepared in 2D according customer’s specifications and wishes.

We can:

  • Perform a site survey
  • Evaluate individual layout options
  • Design a layout based on site survey and actual situation.


We design packaging lines with the aim to optimize the entire line. Based on the customer’s requirements, we design and manufacture complete solutions by using the latest 3D CAD software. We opt for the highest quality materials and built-in components to ensure the best possible efficiency and maximum OEE.

Project management

As soon as your project starts, we will prepare project plans and give you any advice you may require. Our customers will have the same contact partner throughout the entire project, from the initial consultation to project completion. 

Installation and start up

Together with the customer FAT test will be done before the delivery of equipment to check functionality. 

Our technicians will then install equipment at your location and start up your new equipment. 

Service team ensures that your staff receives professional training. Flexible approach is taken to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Line upgrades

Do you need to modify, relocate or upgrade equipment?

Together, we examine all the options and possibilities and help you find solutions which will ensure highest line efficiency.

Maintenance and spare parts

Problems with your equipment?

We are focused on the service and support of your system after purchase.

We provide our customers with detailed instructions regarding the servicing and maintenance works and also list all supplier purchase codes so customers can order parts directly. 

If your equipment is in need of repair or maintenance, we’re here to help.



Conveying systems

Conveyors for all kind of containers (bottles, cans, jars, kegs..) or packed products. Complete scope of pallet handling equipment.


Palletising and depalletising systems

Different machines for depalletizing or palletizing of products. 


Robot applications

Wide range of robot applications due to flexibility of industrial robots. See some custom solutions under References.


Complete solutions

You need complete solution?

We are here to help. Our team can help you from initial line design all the way to commissioning and start-up.


Gantry depalletizer

Gantry type depalletizer ideal for craft breweries.


  • Gantry depalletizer with automatic carton removal.
  • Easy changeover between glass and cans.
  • Safety fencing with access protection.
  • Full layer outfeed table.

High outfeed depalletizer

Fully automatic can depalletiser.


  • Can depalletiser with carton and top frame remover.
  • Empty pallet stacker on the machine outfeed.
  • Automatic pallet infeed with de-strapping positions.
  • System of cameras to control status of the machine from bottom position.

Pallet conveyors

Complete solution to automate infeed and outfeed of full pallets into fermentation chamber.


  • Pallet label scanner.
  • Chain conveyors.
  • Pallet transfer shuttle conveyor.
  • Double corner stations.

Servo crater for glass

Fully automatic servo driven crater.


  • Servo driven glass bottle crater.
  • Crate conveyors.
  • Connection to existing crate washer.
  • Bottle conveyors.

Robot tray manipulator

Robot manipulator for stainless steel trays.


  • Complete cell with Fanuc 6-axis robot with custom EOT.
  • Stainless steel conveyors for trays (infeed and outfeed).
  • Control system with signal exchange.
  • Custom conveyors with shaker to dry pouches before packaging.

Ergonomic packaging line

Complete solution for strapping and palletising of carton boxes.


  • Non-driven roller conveyors with integrated pack weighing system.
  • Roller conveyor with 24 V motor drive and pack centering.
  • Automatic carton strapping machine.
  • Slatband curve conveyor.
  • Ergonomic pack lifter for boxes up to 40 kg.

Servo tile stacker

Customer was looking for solution to accumulate tiles on the engobing line, due to frequent line stops. They are now capable to empty engobing chamber after line is stopped.


  • Servo driven tile stacker.
  • Tile alignment device.
  • Safety fencing.
  • Sensors for infeed and gap control.

Pack conveyors

Pack conveyors on the outfeed of new SMI shrinkwrapping machine.


  • Conveyor with straight modular belt.
  • Accumulation conveyor with LBP (low back pressure belt) belt .
  • Control system with signal exchange.
  • Sensors for accumulation and stopping of shrinkwrapper.

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